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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cali's bath

Now that Cali is in her own corral and I don't constantly have to deal with "La Diabla" (Scout), I can take Cali out every day for a walk and some training. Yesterday I let her out in the arena, just to stretch her legs, because, frankly, I don't even rememer the last time she was there. She and Scout had been together in a large corral, which had plenty of room for them to run around in, but I hadn't taken Cali out to the arena for a while. She leads very well (she's so ho-hum!) and she is so calm! I turned her loose and she just stood there, so I had to "shoo" her off! She enjoyed her time in the arena and ate a lot of weeds! Then I thought, "'s a nice, warm morning, I should give her a bath!" and I took her up to the wash rack and tied her. She's been taught to "stay" and she never moved, not even when I had to walk down and get the shampoo! GOOD GIRL! Cali LOVES water (and attention!) and she really seemed to enjoy her bath. I saw that she had a few cuts on her chest (probably from her new corral) and I washed those out. I put SWAT all over her face and then led her back to the arena because I knew she would roll. So, here are photos of Cali after her bath, enjoying another romp in the arena. She so enjoys simple things...a bath...a romp in the arena...making the boys look at her! She's a silly girl! I dearly love her!

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JennyB said...

Aaahh it sounds like you had a lovely time with her! Sometimes it can be nice to work hard training a horse but other times it is so relaxing to just plain spend time with them.