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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Gigondas Saturday

Hubby and I drove up to see the horses yesterday. For the first day in about 8 weeks, my leg wasn't feeling that bad! It still tingles from the pinched nerve, but I didn't have to take my anti-inflammatory meds, which upset my stomach. So, I felt pretty good! (Oh, by the way, my WONDERFUL insurance, Blue Cross Anthem, has deemed that I don't NEED physical therapy and are now refusing to pay for it!) Isn't life grand? In the meantime, I've racked up $900 worth of physical therapy bills, which now they say they won't pay! This is despite the FACT that I have a pinched nerve and some days I can barely walk OR even THINK due to the intense pain...but, THEY know better! THEY haven't been here when I've had days that I was in so much pain that I could BARELY get through a day at school and I'd come home from school so physically exhausted that I'd pass out on the couch. THEY know best!
Anyway, back to the horses (end of rant!)
It was a warm day yesterday, even up on the hill. Clouds were developing and rain is forecast for either tonight or tomorrow morning. First, hubby took Gigondas down to the arena and let her run and get rid of SOME of her energy! She's a very high-energy horse! Remember, hubby and I are basically "on our own" now as far as the horses' training, as my cousin moved back down to the desert and isn't home on weekends, when we go visit the horses. YIKES! So, after that, he moved her up to the round pen and I let Beauty out in the arena. (shuffle the horses here and there~) Gigo was already pretty tired by then, after kicking up her heels in the arena, and I (BY MYSELF~!) was able to get her to "stay", "come" and "walk". YES, she WALKED! Call the newspaper~! So, I told him to go get the saddle blanket and saddle and I'd saddle her and see how she did. Well, SIT DOWN~ she walked with the saddle (both directions!) What a good girl. She never once broke out into a trot~ now isn't that wonderful news! She was such a good girl! We are very proud of her! Look at her tongue out....pffffftttttttt!

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She is looking really good