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Friday, November 7, 2008

Cali's story

I always wanted a palomino. Heck, I always wanted any horse! So when hubby secretly went peeking at the BLM online adoption website, he found a little palomino yearling, Cali. She and Scout were both from Salt Wells Creek, Wyoming, and were halter trained at the Riverton Honor Farm in Wyoming. There were only a couple of bids on her, so he raised her bid to $250 and nobody else ever bid on her. Now that I've watched a few of the BLM auctions online (yes, I'm now registered), most horses do NOT get bids of over $200. A few do, but not many. Scout was unusual. A few BLM horses don't get any bids on them at all, and, believe me, some of them are GORGEOUS! So, anyway, Cali's bid at $250 was never challenged and I believe there were only 3 bids on her. So, hubby won her also and surprised me with, "Oh, hon...we have two more horses coming soon!" HUH? Beauty and Gigondas had JUST arrived in January and in early April we were getting two more horses?????? I was overwhelmed. Our horses were over 2 1/2 hours away! Fortunately, we had an excellent trainer and she began working with the two mustangs. Cali, from the moment she arrived, loved people! Maybe it was because she wasn't an alpha? Anyway, she immediately bonded with everybody and everybody loved her! She was just so cute and friendly! (NOT like the little miss diva, SCOUT~)While Scout was "Miss Independent and Miss Headstrong", Cali was "Little Miss Cute Baby Horse"!!! They were both yearlings, but Scout was already the alpha mare (at least, she tried....Gigondas soon put her in her place!), but Cali was always "low mare". She was easy to halter, she tried to please, she was just a joy to work with. She was and still is, very calm and trusting.

Funny story...last winter, when it was cold, she was corraled with Sunni and Scout. One weekend, when I came to work them, I my horror...that Scout and Sunni's tails were chewed off! Now, Sunni's tail was so long, it almost touched the ground. He'd always had a gorgeous, thick tail! Now it was a little stub. Scout's, too. CALI!!!!!!!!!! She still has HER nice, long, flowing tail, but Scout and Sunni have little stubs! Anyway, enjoy the pics. As you can see, we really shouldn't bother giving Cali a bath! She just can't WAIT to roll in the dirt! Our dirty little girl!!!!!!!! I'll put her online pics on top, then some others of our little miss sunshine, Cali!

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