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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Book tag

I want to thank One Red Horse for tagging me for BOOK TAG! I was having a "pity party" yesterday after my doctor's visit, since NO ONE can figure out why both feet are now numb and half of my face is numb! So, I was pretty depressed. This really cheered me up and I thank her for this! I needed SOMETHING to get my mind off my own physical problems!
I've actually been book tagged by One Red Horse,, so here I go:
Page 56, Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe. I LOVE this book! My son bought it for me after I watched the movie three times. Thomas Newman is my favorite movie soundtrack composer and he wrote the music for this movie!
I'm actually going to start at the top of page 56, so here goes:
"Patrons of the cafe got quite a surprise when they read the menu last week that featured, among other things: Fillet of Possom...Prime Rib of Polecat...Goat's Liver and Onions...Bull Frog Pudding and Turkey Buzzard Pie Ala Mode. An unsuspecting couple, who had come all the way from Gate City for dinner, read the menu and were halfway down the block when Idgie opened the door and yelled April Fool's at them. The couple from Gate City then ordered from the regular menu and got some free coconut cream pie." The movie reminds me so much of my grandmother! Especially when Ruth is wearing her apron. Grandma always had an apron on, too! And Mrs. Threadgoode, if she had red hair, would be my grandmother! Even some of her sayins' remind me of Grandma!

Okay, now, I have to tag 5 people, so here goes: (Buried in Colorado)....THIS should be interesting!;
Camera Obscura at;
Tortoise Trail at;
Yakima Valley Daily Photo at;
Fab Grandma at

So here are the rules: (1) Grab the nearest book; (2) Open the book to page 56. (3) Find the fifth sentence. (4) Post the text of the next two to five sentences. (5) Don't dig for your favorite book, the cool book, or the intellectual one, just pick the closest book. (6) Tag five people to do the same. Don't forget to refer back to the person who tagged you! :-) Enjoy and I can't WAIT to see what you are reading!!!!


Karen said...

I love that movie, too! We have visited the Whistle Stop Cafe in Juliette, Georgia, and ate fried green tomatoes, while sitting on the same stools at the counter where Jessica Tandy and Kathy Bates sat while they were there making the movie. Loved it!

arlene said...

I hope your feet and face are getting some feeling back. I'm trying different thing's to help me feel better. Two days ago I cut out all dairy and my muscles and joints feel better today. I hope I'm on to something.