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Thursday, April 15, 2010

No visit today and "horse people"

Well, my fellow teacher isn't coming with me today. She's just too stressed and the thought of visiting horses was just too much for her. She also cancelled our trip over the weekend. Hmmm...I should have figured it out! She called in sick yesterday. Apparently she isn't a "horse person". That makes me many of our friends are horse people? Are there "horse people"? Are there non-horse people? I know our own daughter doesn't like horses. She never has. She could care less about them. My cousin, Valerie, however, IS a horse person and has 4 of her own, which she trains by herself! Our son is a horse person. My great-uncle TRAINED thoroughbreds and that's when I fell in love with thoroughbreds. My good friend, Barb, has 4 horses of her own. My other cousin, Cindy, had her own quarter horse, Red, and spent many years during high school showing him. Her parents, my aunt and uncle, enjoy visiting the horses and my uncle tells me stories of the horses on his parents' farm in Wisconsin and how he used to love all the horses there. Do you have horse friends and non-horse friends? And, should it make a difference? Honestly, I'd never thought about it until now. How many of your friends are non-horse people?


Holistic Horse Care said...

I think some people are much more reserve with their emotions. As a horse person, you share your emotion with an animal that is very hard for others to understand.

Terri said...

Sorry to hear ur friend backed out.
Here are my thoughts on horse people. They are born.
Now here me out. I grew up in a large east coast city. No one in my family owned a horse, ever. No one rode. My much older brother was a born musician. I came along and as not much more than a baby loved horses. At 2 my Dad found a "pony place" outside of city limits. There he would tie me to the saddle w his belt and walk me in circles on the backs of shetlands. I cried every christmas when a pony wasn't left for me.
I don't remember a time I didn't love horses. I have talked to lots of horse people and they believe the same.
I have many friends who are not horse people and know it. I have friends who want to be horse people and decide it is too much work. Then, I have my horse friends. No amount of work is too hard, no expense too great, no measure of time sacrificed too much, no weather conditions too harsh, no miles driven too long, no injuries too bad, nothing required of our horses too much.It is in our DNA.
No science here, just a firm belief. My husband is not a horse person and has no desire to be. He has lived with me without horses and with horses. He claims I am an entirely different person without them. My son is a musician as well. He thinks horses are big, smelly, dirty and step on your feet.
Neither want a relationship with my Maggie,however they both love her because of the person I've become due to her presence in my life.
Those are my thoughts.By the way, horsie was my first word according to my Mom.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

When we have visitors, I always offer to take them outside to meet the horses. I'm amazed at how many of them stand back and refuse to even pet them. I've learned to not even talk about the horses when my in-laws are here, because they go off on a tangent about how dangerous horses are and how they (my in-laws) are allergic to hay. Considering that I've never invited them to visit, and they just show up out of the blue, I don't really give a damn if they suffer from hay fever while they are here. I've even been surprised to see that the kids' friends think horses are dirty and disgusting. I thought all kids loved horses. Those people are really missing out.

Cheryl Ann said...

Terri, I think you are right. As a child, I collected horses statuettes. I went riding whenever I could. I could SNIFF OUT a stable a mile away! I played in the aisles of my great-uncles barn at Santa Anita! I read every horse book I could. I taught myself how to draw horses...not dogs, not cats, but horses! Our daughter isn't a horse person. She picked up a flute in 5th grade and she hasn't put it down since (she is now 31 years old)!!! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. It gives me something to think about. And, yes, I hear you about husbands. Mine does NOT understand my devotion to horses! I don't think he ever will.