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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Horse visit needed!

A good friend of mine and fellow teacher will be visiting the "herd" this week. She REALLY needs some horse time! Our school is preparing for the upcoming state tests. Our kids are frazzled and uptight and so are we, their teachers! Even though we've only been back at school for two days after our spring break, the pressure is on! Now, we've been preparing them all year for these state tests, but the stakes are high. My school is a low performing school and as such, we are restricted to ONLY teaching reading, writing, and math. NO art, music, science, or social studies, or PE! Afternoons, we have "intervention", which means more of the same. The kids are bored and tired. The teachers are worn out. So, off to the horses we go tomorrow for some R&R! Last year, another teacher from my school went up to see the herd and Scout immediately sensed her emotional needs and followed her around and nuzzled her constantly! She and Scout had an immediate connection and she really enjoyed her day with the horses, especially Scout! Isn't it amazing how these wonderful creatures can sense our needs? I'm hoping my teacher friend will connect with one of the horses and relax and let her stress out, at least for an afternoon!


Holistic Horse Care said...

Have a great time!

Terri said...

My husband is dept.head of fine arts in Tx.I do understand the frustration, exhaustion and stress of test time. I am from a long line of teachers and I must say, I am so thankful I found a different path.
I wanted to cry for your kids when I read they get no break at all. What a shame!
Hope your friend responds well to her equine therapy.
And yes, they are divine creatures.

get some rest