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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Liebster award!

I received a Liebster award today from Nuzzling Muzzles (  You know, I REALLY needed that, so thank you, Nuzz!  I've been down in the dumps ever since the death of Cali in December.  I was really doubting my ability to even have 1 horse, let alone 4!!!  But, I carried on.  It's hard to blog daily in the winter because (1) it rains a LOT up in our local mountains where I board the horses; (2) it snows; (3) the weather is just plain crappy; (4) the round pen and arena are just too frozen or slick.  I have to drive 35 miles up a VERY difficult mountain road (known as the "Killer Highway" because of all the deaths on it...  you get the idea.  And, this year, I was LUCKY to make it up to work them on one weekend day.  I rarely made it up there two days in a row and I'm afraid that's the new norm...sigh...It just isn't easy anymore.  In the meantime, I've hired a trainer who comes once a week and works them, but even she can't always make it in the winter time, so there were periods where they weren't worked for 3 weeks at a time!  Yesterday it was 117 degrees here (one degree shy of breaking the record for that date) and today is supposed to be even hotter.  I don't really know because I've been indoors most of the morning with the a/c on full blast.  The dogs are sacked out near the fans and the cat is asleep, too.  Most of us desert rats take a long siesta in the afternoon because basically there is NOTHING else to do!

I'll get on with the Liebster award later...and find others to send it to!

Thank you so much, Nuzz!  Please do visit her blog.  I read it daily and I'm learning about training techniques which my trainer now uses for my herd!


Cheryl Ann

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