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Saturday, June 29, 2013

11 random facts about me...(sigh)...

You know, I really hate to do this.  I'm basically a private person, but here goes:

1.  My birthday is on Valentine's Day.  And, no, I don't get double presents or anything...For me, it's really just another day.

2.  I enjoy taking photographs.  I got my first camera from my dad when I was 16.  He taught me what he knew and then my husband and I have learned together on our new, fancy cameras.  We both had to take a class at Samy's Camera to learn how to use our new Canon cameras!

3.  I have loved horses all my life.  I had a great-uncle (a brother of my grandmother) who was a thoroughbred trainer in the 60's.  I used to visit his "barn" (at the back row...) as a child.  I always KNEW that something BAD happened to horses that didn't win.  Then I found out about horse slaughter and that has been my cause for the last several years.  I've rescued 7 horses, of which I still have 5.  Two of my horses have died~Beauty died in a freak corral accident in 2009 and Cali, my palomino mustang, died of colic in December.

4.  I used to take ice skating lessons as a kid.  My dad was born in Connecticut (his family lived there for over 300 years) and he always wanted me to know how to ice skate with him.  He was very good, by the way!

5.  I have a cousin, Cindy Kyle, who is a professional photographer, and my other cousin, Valerie Abel (Trozelle) is a professional artist.

6.  I'm a teacher.  My mother and aunt were both teachers and my daughter and her husband are also teachers.

7.  I was trained to become a concert pianist.  I'm not completely ambidexterous, but I'm pretty close.  I learned to read music at the same time I learned to read print.  My piano teacher lived next door to us and I used to walk through her rose garden to get to her house, where she had two grand pianos.  Since I have the manual dexterity, I can type very fast!   :-)

8.  Hubby and I enjoy traveling, especially to Utah and Arizona.  We've traveled most of the west and have driven across the country twice.  There are only a few midwest Northern states that I haven't been to...Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota are the ones that spring to mind...

9.  I'm more comfortable by myself than with people.  My idea of a perfect day is to grab my camera and head up to our local mountains or drive out to Joshua Tree National Park.  I prefer to be out somewhere in nature.

10.  I don't like people in my photos and I purposely try to avoid having people in them.  Animals, yes...people, NO!

11.  I can't WAIT to retire so that I can spend more time with our two grandchildren (a boy and a girl) and my horses!  I'm counting the years...   :-)  And, so that I can spend more time in my garden.  I love to garden and I have a green thumb, but it doesn't apply to house plants!   :-(

~~Cheryl Ann~~


Grey Horse Matters said...

Congratulations on your award. It's nice to get to know you better. You're like me I prefer nature and more animals-less people.

Kirsten said...

I'm not keen on photographing people either - they always seem to get upset about they way they look. Actually, come to think of it, so do I. Congrats on the award. :-)