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Thursday, March 24, 2011

snow covered mountains and my little Coolpix is GONE!!!

The other morning, on my way to school, I glanced over at our local mountains and saw all the recent snow in the morning light. I took this photo with my Nikon D40x. Unfortunately, I also took some photos with my little Nikon Coolpix, which I now cannot find! I had it in my car and I'm thinking it might have slipped out of my purse. But, I searched the car and I can't find it, so now I'm worried that it might have fallen out of the car onto the parking lot at my school. I was taking stuff out of the car and if it slipped out, it probably landed on the asphalt in the parking lot. In that case, I'm sure it was picked up and taken to a new home! ACK! I've had that little camera for several years and I took it everywhere with me, because it was so small and compact. I could whip it out and take a quick picture without having my big Nikon around my neck, so it was really handy. Do you have a compact camera? If so, which one do you have? I'm going to have to start looking for a new one and I'm thinking of buying a little Canon...any ideas/suggestions?


Barb said...

Darn it! I hate it when I do silly things like that - and I do them often, sigh....

Keep looking as it may still turn up, fingers crossed. I have a little canon powershot sd1100is which is outdated now, but it works fine and is only the size of a cigarette packet. I had another canon powershot with the fatter side for the batteries but I had constant problems getting the battery/sd card door closed. It really was a pain and eventually I broke it! Then I got another one, different model, also a Canon with the same battery door design and I was having problems again - so I gave it to my sister!! Aren't I nice, lol. So, have a good play with whatever design takes your fancy before you buy.

lisa said...

A little camera is nice, I kinda of miss having the little one. I now use my big nikon because of the nice pictures but I am getting to think that sometimes it wasn't worth the money for the novice that I am.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I feel your pain! As you know I "lost" my previous camera a couple years ago. I was devastated. The only photos on it, though were some taken at an Obama rally, before he was voted in. So the photos were no loss for me. But that's all I ever use to take photos is a little Canon point and shoot. I hope yours magically shows up.