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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cattle egret at Salton Sea

Even though the Salton Sea is the largest inland body of water in California, I don't get down there very often. It's another 22 miles south from my school and honestly, there isn't a whole lot there. But yesterday afternoon I was in Thermal for an appointment and I decided to head over to the Salton Sea. The day was cloudy and there was a cool breeze, which was welcomed because the sea can really stink! There are dead fish all over the place from the algae in the water. I stopped at the state park, where there were a few RV's camping overnight. I did spy this cattle egret and some others in an inlet. The sea is about an hour from our home and I often see it off in the distance when I drive up the mountain, so I'm glad I had an opportunity to visit it.

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lisa said...

That is very nice, don't they have to keep the water clean, or is it pretty big for that kind of thing to be done?