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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It's DARK outside!!!!

It's DARK outside and there's NO WAY I'm going out for a walk this morning! After being in Arizona last weekend, and never really knowing what time it was over there, I awoke to total darkness this morning! ACK! Here it is, time to leave for school, and it's DARK! Yesterday was 88 degrees here in the desert and today should be about the same and frankly, I'm just not ready for these temps! I mean, I have to dig out my shorts! But, by the weekend, it will be down to about 65 degrees with rain forecast for Sunday. Oye vei! I'll have to put the shorts away! I found this pretty work of art in a shop in Williams, AZ. We love to stop in Williams and have breakfast or dinner at the Pine Country Restaurant.

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Rising Rainbow said...

What I wouldn't give for some warmth about now but 88° is too hot for me too. Guess I'll be content to sit in from of the fire and wish summer was here.

Love the stained gladd. Very awesome.

the yellow flowers are cool too! Did you wave to Mikey as you drove through?