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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Feeling BLAH today...and widgets

I'm feeling really "blah" today. I had a stomach virus this week which just wiped me out. I went to school on Tuesday and barely made it through the day! I stuck it out, but I was really out of it. I know there's some kind of stomach virus going around. Last night, hubby made yummy pasta and I nearly had a heart attack! I got dizzy, faint, broke out into a sweat, and nearly passed out walking down the hallway. Carb overload? I mean, we eat pasta once a week and I've NEVER felt this way before. And, this morning, I'm just feeling...well, "off". Not normal. I'm hesitating driving up the mountain road because I don't know how I'll feel or even if the ranch owners are at home this weekend, so I may just wait until tomorrow. I'm doing laundry, dishes, and cleaning up all the piles of clothes in the bedroom. I think I'll just stick around at home and get some housework done. As much as I miss my horses and need some "horse time", it doesn't do them or me any good to drive up there and just be useless! I'd rather rest today, get my energy back, and head up the hill tomorrow! Here are some pics of my sunflowers from this morning. A couple of bees were busy out there collecting nectar! One was so weighted down, he could barely fly! Just look at that little bugger!!! Oh, and I'm having problems loading other people's blogs and I CANNOT post comments on them! ACK! Somebody said they had to take off all their widgets, so I'm going to do that and see if it helps. I've run my virus scan this morning and everything is okay with that, so I think it may be the widgets. Has anybody else run into this problem? Is it blogger?

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Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Sounds like a very wise thing to do. I hope you feel stronger and better soon. It's awful when you feel so under the weather and weak.

I had that kind of problem with the widgets with my computer, too. I was having all sorts of problems reading other's blogs and one day I couldn't even read my own.

After removing my widgets one by one, I discovered that it was my Amazon book widget that blocked me. But my son figured out it was all because of the fickleness of Internet Explorer.

So at the advice of other bloggers I removed Internet Explorer from my computer and downloaded the free Firefox browser.

Problem solved. Yay!