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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bougenvillas~Nature Notes 040110

I have three bougenvillas in my front yard. Two of them are the traditional reddish-pink and one is purple. I notice that the purple one has smaller flowers and they don't seem to be clumped together like the red/pink ones. I always await their blossoms because the red ones spill over my front fence and when I drive up the driveway, they are so pretty to see! And, with only two more days of school this week, I'll be able to enjoy their color soon! I've had parent conferences this week and haven't had a lot of extra time to walk or blog! My vacation, however, begins TOMORROW! YEAH!


ksdoolittle said...

How lovely your front yard must be! Have a wonderful, much deserved vacation from school! ~ks

Rambling Woods said...

How beautiful and now you get a break. Enjoy, rest up! Thank you for posting to Nature Notes...Michelle

A piece of news said...

Vacation sounds lovely. I wish I had things blooming yet, but we're a ways off from that. I just realized that although I am jealous now, perhaps when spring does get here for good others will be glad to have another glimpse of it from my locale.