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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My first sweet peas!!! That's My World 030910

I'm so excited! I went out back last Friday afternoon and my first sweet peas were blooming! My grandfather used to grow the most gorgeous, thick, beautiful sweet peas, not like my scrawny ones! We have a dog run chain link fence across one part of our back yard and last December I planted these seeds. Now, these are just the first ones and I'm hoping that more will bloom, but these are the first I've raised in many years. I just didn't have a decent place for them. I tried planting them out front, in my raised bed, but the trees kept out enough sunlight for them to really bloom. I've tried the miniature kind, but didn't have any luck with them. So, I'm so thrilled to FINALLY have a decent crop! I love their color and smell. Grandma used to cut them and put them on her kitchen table. I hope I have a good crop! Some are even climbing up the sunflowers that I planted along the fence, too. That's My World for March 9, 2010.


Pat said...

Oh, I love sweetpeas! Are they annuals or perennials; do they re-seed themselves?

Now that we have a fenced garden area to keep the deer away, I just might try planting sweetpeas this spring. We live in the foothills east of Sacramento.

Anonymous said...

I like the color too. I hope you are successful and have a decent crop!