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Friday, March 12, 2010

I'm ready to ride

After over a year and a half, I'm ready to get back on a horse. It has been too long. I've used my injury as an excuse. I've been reading how Lisa, over at Laughing Orca Ranch, recently went to a riding clinic and got back on horses and she has really inspired me. I NEED to buy a helmet and I'm hoping hubby can help me buy a good one. And, Quad, with his calm personality and good manners, will be the horse I get back on. This photo is from last fall. Molly, another good friend and fellow blogger, gave me one of her saddles, since it didn't fit her filly. It seems to fit Quad just fine! Hubby is working all weekend, but I'm driving up to the ranch tomorrow and Sunday mornings. I'm hoping to get ALL the horses brushed and groomed in the two days. And, it would be nice to bring out that saddle and put it on Quad and MAYBE, just MAYBE, if the ranch owner is there, I can go for a short ride!


Judi said...

Good for you. Just imagine all your friends riding with you and holding you in place.

I hope you will get to ride. Quad sounds like the horse to help you out.

Linda said...

Good for you! Are you going to ride out of the arena or in it? I'd suggest you ride in it for your first rides, but I imagine that's what you have planned. Good luck--can't wait to hear how the weekend goes.

Mikey said...

Make sure you get a picture! We all want to see you get back on!!

Gail said...

Good for you! Lisa has inspired us all. I am not as leary as I was and am working toward my goal of riding.

Happy Trails!

Cactus Jack Splash said...

I am so happy to read this. Lisa has been an inspiration, a reminder that when we fall we need to get back on and sometimes that takes time.
I am rooting for you Cheryl!

aurora said...

Sounds like your ready ~ enjoy the ride!

Molly said...

I'm so excited. Sit deep in the saddle and be sure to let your breath out. You will be so happy!

Suzanne said...

I've been enjoying your adventures and reading about your part of the country. I know you love your horses and take such good care of them. Good for you for listening inside and knowing when the time is right for you. Quad sounds like a sweetie. May you find joy in claiming an old love of riding.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oh wow! I'm so far behind visiting you. Please forgive me. As you know I've been a little preoccupied getting to know and help our new horse settle in.

I'm so honored that you say I have been an inspiration. That makes me feel so good especially when there was a time last year that I thought giving up horses would be safest thing and the wisest thing to do.That was surely my lowest point in my journey, for sure.
Talk about feeling depressed.

How can you give up something that brings you so much joy?

I know you feel the same way, so you just can't give up dream.

I felt my decision was the right one after watching the Winter Olympics and seeing how so many of the athletes would get injured, but never give up, even if they were hurt or had suffered a serious injury. They perservered because it meant so much to them.

Just like it means so much to us to just sit up there on the back of a horse and look between it's fuzzy, peaked ears. What a feeling of peace, a thrill, and satisfaction.

You seem to have some great friends, like Molly willing to help you, too. And we are all cheering for you. You can believe that. I wish I could be there to encourage you and tell you that you CAN do this.

But I'll be here from afar and I hope you can feel that.
Just take your time.

One thing I've learned in my own journey is to just push a little farther each time...but instead of taking two steps forward....take one step...wait...and then take aother step.

You CAN and you WILL get back up on a horse again. I can't wait to see that huge smile on your face when you do.