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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Polo Ponies Friday

Well, I FINALLY got a decent photo of the polo ponies yesterday afternoon! YEAH! I took my camera with me (my Nikon D40) and was planning on getting some early morning photos, since yesterday it was clear and sunny (FINALLY!), but I got sidetracked at home running around trying to get hubby his coffee and wait on him hand and foot, so I ran out of time. But, I took the back road home (NOT the freeway!) and drove through the date groves. At one point, the polo grounds of Indio are on one corner, so I turned down that street and stopped to watch a couple of guys practicing polo. I saw on their sign board that there is an exhibition and game on Sunday, but, with rain forecast, I'm not sure if they will plan. And, yes, we have rain forecast! As I was driving away, I glanced down the lane where the ponies were last time and sure enough, a rider was coming with about 3 or 4 of them in tow! So, I turned my car around and just sat and waited! Hehehehehe! I used to take my camera(s) with me on Friday afternoons last year and drive out to different places and take photos. I guess I'll have to do that this year, too. It's a good way to end the week! Photos taken at the Indio polo grounds.

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Linda said...

I live right next to a polo grounds and haven't attended one of the matches yet!! I'm going to look up their schedule now and remedy that.