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Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Wedding~

So, yesterday was our daughter's wedding. It was a small, family celebration, with about 30 people. They had the wedding at her new house and they provided the food. And, in this economy, and with the uncertainly over teaching jobs, they kept it simple and frugal. Food was from COSTCO. Plates were from Smart & Final. Dad had the cake made at the hotel for $18.00. Aunt Cathie provided some of her own wine and there was one case of sparkling wine. But, a good time was had by all and they are now officially husband and wife! A few of Jennifer's friends from her days at UCLA attended, as did some of her high school friends. James had some friends from out of town and his parents drove down from Yucca Valley. My cousin Valerie attended and we talked "horse talk" for quite a while. One of the guests knew sign language and she and Valerie had the chance to talk together. Today Jennifer and James are having about 100 people over during the course of the day for a BBQ, so it has been an exciting weekend! I'll have to go to school tomorrow to REST! Here are some pics from yesterday. That's our son, Hal, on the bottom pics, with our grandson, Ben, who is just learning to walk! He has a little train that has handles and he pushed it all over the tile floor! And, he has a little walker that he can scoot all over the floor with and man, he was CRUISING!


Molly said...

!!!!!!!!!!!! $18 cake!
And the last picture, of Hal with wine and iPhone and cake, just put my face in place of his.
It looked like a lovely wedding. I bet everyone is happy today. The idea of a next-day BBQ is wonderful.

Linda said...

Congratulations! You're so smart for doing it frugally. It's nice to see a wedding like that now-a-days. Hope you get your rest.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you and your family! I had a very small wedding too, and it was great - less expensive and my husband and I actually got to enjoy it and see all the guests!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

That's a beautiful set up! And one awesome cake. Congrats to the happy couple.

Carol said...

Looks like they are starting out their life together with one of the most important things in life..common sense...with that they should beable to survive anythng that comes their way. Congratulations.