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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Please don't eat our horses!

I've waited for over a year to post my feelings about horse slaughter. Now that Montana is considering starting up a horse slaughter plant, once again on American soil, I have to speak out:

Please don't eat our horses! I know I have readers from Europe and Japan. Please help us! My horses are like my children! I cannot imagine them going to slaughter, strung up and bled out, and then being eaten by someone! I gave up eating RED MEAT because of them! I no longer eat red meat because every time I did, I gagged because I was thinking, "How did this animal die? Was it a horrible death? Did they suffer? What about my horses? Would they suffer this way?" So, I no longer eat red meat and I feel much healthier now! I no longer have headaches, fatigue (while digesting "dead cow"), and joint and muscle pain. RED MEAT IS NOT HEALTHY FOR YOU! There was just a news story about this last week! PLEASE, switch to a healthier, plant-based diet! Do it for yourself! Do it for YOUR FAMILY! But. please, DON'T EAT OUR HORSES! I'm including this post from American Herds that was posted this week. Eating American horses is NOT the solution! Oh, please!!! A plant based diet is MUCH more healthy than a meat based one! Especially when you consider all the drugs which we put into our horses! Wormers, antibiotics...would you want to eat those?

I made ALL of my horses a solemn promise: YOU WILL NOT GO TO AUCTION OR SLAUGHTER. I intend to hold up that promise. NO WAY. NO HOW. I saved them all. I have two mustangs myself! Here's the post from American Herds:

"The Mustang Brand"
The following text is a repost, and includes a few excerpts from the American Herds blog, dated Wednesday, March 25, 2009.

In December 2008, The Horse Industry Policy, a resolution submitted by Rep. Wallis to the states National Conference of State Legislators (NCSL) was passed after a vote session from the members of state legislators from all 50 U.S. states. The main focus of the resolution is to urge Congress not to pass federal legislation that would prohibit horse slaughter in the U.S. or interfere in the transport or export of horses to slaughter.Prior to submitting her resolution of the Horse Industry Policy to the NCSL, Rep. Wallis first enlisted the aid of pro-slaughter state horse councils by asking them to provide letters showing their support for the return of horse slaughter in the U.S. These were then presented to the NCSL to substantiate the position that horse slaughter has broad based support in equine communities nationwide.While Wallis's plan for America's wild horses and burros is not revealed in the resolutions of The Horse Industry Policy, the first hint of what her intentions are behind the scenes begins to unfold with Wallis thanking the man she claimed was "instrumental" in getting the resolution passed, Conrad Burns. Burns, a lobbyist who promotes the horse slaughter industry, is a former U.S. Senator from Montana responsible for sneaking an 11th hour amendment into the 2004 Agriculture Appropriations bill without review or a vote by either the people or Congress that was quickly signed into law by President Bush. The Burns Rider, as it became known, gutted almost forty years of wild horse and burro protections and now mandated their “unconditional sale until all excess horses had been disposed of”, including authorizing their sale for slaughter.Hidden behind Wallis's Horse Industry Policy to slaughter America’s domestic horses is also several documents extolling the virtues of using the backlog of excess mustangs and burros in long-term holding to fed the worlds poor and hungry.Wallis pitches mustang meat patties in #9 of her talking points: “Remind them that 10 million people starve to death every year in this world…maybe our excess BLM wild horses could be put to much better use by providing high quality, nutritious animal protein, untainted by BSE-type disease concerns of other livestock to people who could never afford to buy it. Once again, Americans can use an abundant and sustainable resource to come to the aid of the poor and starving of the world.”Wallis’s Open Letter To Congress and State Legislators

Please, pass this information on or post it on your blog. The more people that realize that eating American horses is NOT the answer, the better! Thank you and God bless you for helping! And, on another personal note, I KNOW how hard Joe, of TB Friends, works. I've been to his place. I read his blog EVERY morning. I can feel the pain and heartache that Joe has when he writes about starving geldings or mares stuck in mud or families in dire straits. I also feel the heartache that Joe has when he visits feedlots and gets 1 horse from a truckload of over 30 going to slaughter. He has written about the eyes of the other horses begging him to save them, too. Horses are animals that have and feel EMOTIONS! Don't you think they realize that they are on a death truck, headed for disaster? They can smell fear. They know.
Here's the link to my MySpace, ANTI-SLAUGHTER website:
~~Cheryl Ann~~


Heart of a Cowgirl said...

I'm with you 110% on this! My little PMU filly, Piper, still had a big "105" shaved on her side (her auction number) when I adopted her. She was heading to auction and was saved from slaughter, no doubt. She is turning out to be the most wonderful horse and to think that she could not be here at all brings tears to my eyes. We do not raise horses for meat in this country! Horses are part of our heritage. When people tell me that slaughter houses are "necessary" I say what is necessary is for people to be responsible for the animals they have, stop breeding indiscriminately and adding to the glut of unwanted horses.

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Thanks for speaking up about this.
Jack is the only nonrescue horse I have. I have no idea how a person could consider slaughter a solution for unwanted horses. Control breeding, provide humane euthanasia, but letting a horse hang and bleed out when it may not even be dead is horrible. Humans show their true nature by the way they take care of those who are dependent on them...

Cheryl Ann said...

Dear Cactus,
I agree with you! What a horrible end to such noble animals! You are a good boy!

One Red Horse said...

Cheryl, I've been so horrifed about Montana! Thank you for jumping in and giving such well spoken response. I don't believe that anyone who is a partner to their horse could EVER condone the sale of horses for meat. The depth and intensity of their emotion continues to amaze me. No death walk for any of my sweet horses. Ever. No death walk for any horse!

One Red Horse said...

Cheryl - just found a quote that I think expresses the heart (or lack of) at the center of the pro-slaughter mentality. From the Flathead Beacon on 3-19-09, "In Thursday's Senate debate, the bill's passage was hitched to Montana's roots as a Western ranching state, with supporters urging fellow lawmakers to view horses as livestock that can outlive their commercial purpose."

Commercial purpose. Horse as livestock. Horse as a piece of sports equipment.

Forgive us humans for our arrogance.

Katharine Swan said...

Good for you for speaking out! I agree completely. Eating an animal that is so intelligent and loyal is bad enough, but what makes it even worse is the suffering that happens at slaughter facilities. No for-profit business can ever be humane, because they care more about MONEY than preventing the animals' suffering!

Like you, my feelings about animal suffering have affected my diet. I consider myself a flexitarian -- I rarely ever eat meat, though I do on occasion. My husband is the same, though he is stricter about it and considers himself more of a vegitarian.

I also agree with you that a more plant-based diet is much healthier. There was even an article recently that eating so much as a small hamburger-sized portion of red meat every day reduces your life expectancy by 10 years. Ten years! Over a few ounces of red meat a day! Yes, you are better off not eating it at all.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Where did you find that sign? BLM Burgers??! Gah!
I feel sick!!


Dusty Devoe said...

Thank you for stopping by my blogg. What a great post. People need to be more educated. I am seriously thinking of becoming a vegetarian, soon! I work in a deli and cooking chickens all day is making me crazy! All of our animals are rescue's. I will read your back posts!!!

arlene said...

I agree with you so much.

The thought of horses getting slaughtered is unbearable for me. We have depended on them for centuries. Horses have gone into war with humans, ploughed our fields, explored new continents with us. We have trusted them with our lives.

We have to protect them.

Wonderful post Cheryl.