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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Look at my sunflowers and daisies!

I just had to post these pics of my sunflowers now! LOOK how big they are! I'd like to plant some more out front, but I've run out of room! I'm going out this afternoon and see if there is another spot by the fence, since it gets full sun all day. UNFORTUNATELY, that area, except for where they are now, is covered with rock! And, if I plant them inside the fence, the stupid dogs will run over them and squish them! I have 1 packet left and I stopped and picked some dried wild ones, so I need to find another spot for them, and do it SOON! I do have a railroad tie mini-garden inside the fence, which I've fenced off, and I'm thinking about putting more tomatoes in it (some little cherry ones) and peppers, since it is fenced off from the dogs. Did you know that Burpee Seed has a Money Garden Pack for $10? YES! You get 1 package of corn, beans, peas, carrots, and I forget what else~~lettuce. Here's the link: I made copies of this page and sent it home with all my students yesterday. I'm going to buy some bean seeds and some corn seeds for them and we will plant them and watch them grow! I've always done that and my students always tell me how their plants did. One year, they planted sunflowers, but this year I think I'll do corn and beans. Enjoy the sunflower and daisies...I took the photos in late afternoon. Don't you love that late afternoon sun? Enjoy your weekend! Hubby is home now and we are driving up to see the horses today.

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Cactus Jack Splash said...

Great photos...wish we had flowers like that coming up around here.