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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sans stove and still sick!

Well, the stove went "bye-bye" yesterday and now we are officially WITHOUT STOVE! I get to make coffee this morning outdoors on the BBQ, which has an extra burner just for that! How convenient! I think I'd better wait a while as it is still dark outside and I don't wish to turn on the grill by accident! Oops! There goes my hair and eyebrows!
My cold has now moved to my chest. Guess hubby will have to take me to urgent care this morning. Oh, joy! Time for a Z-pack before this goes into my lungs as pneumonia! So far, it is just in my chest, but I know that if I don't get it treated, it WILL move down into my lungs! I've had pneumonia three times already and I certainly do NOT ever wish to have it again! I actually had it TWICE in one school year, can you believe it? Once in December, and then AGAIN the following May, which meant I was sick pretty much for that whole year! Ugh!

Okay, now for some pics! Enough of my complaining! When we drove up to see the horses yesterday, these guys were out plowing a huge field. Of course, the crows were having a "field day" with all the bugs and things upturned! When we got up to the ranch, I asked Cathy, "What's all that white stuff scattered around?" and she replied, "Oh, our two crows got into something white and scattered it ALL OVER!" Oops. You mean the styrofoam container that I put in the back of your truck last weekend? My bad. Yes! They got INTO the big bag that I shoved it in (I'd brought it over to the ranch because we had stopped for burritos and I had half of mine leftover, which I gave to her two dogs)...anyway, the crows hopped up to the back of her pickup truck, GOT IT OUT of the bag where I shoved it, dragged it out, and shredded it to find every little and last morsel of my lunch! There was white styrofoam everywhere, so I bent over and picked it up! She told me they get into stuff in the back of her pickup all the time (she uses it to haul stuff to the dump, so it is always full of trash stuff!). Can you believe it? Then, I asked her, "Oh, is that why you have a big bag of trash IN your pickup?" and she said, "Yes"! Hmmm....clever crows!


Amanda said...

Hope you get well soon. I have been down and out for a few days but am feeling much better now. Take care of yourself!

Carroll Farm said...

Thanks for stopping by. It was fun reading your blog. I will have to check out the rest of them another day, gotta get the laundry done.

Hope you feel better before you go back to work. I teach too, 3rd grade, and I KNOW that being down makes for a LONG classroom day. :) My girls (5) have nasty raspy, flemy cough and it is going around the school. My fingers are crossed that I don't get it.

We have had a very similar experience, but with a microwave. I never realized how much I loved my microwave till that couple of days.


Rising Rainbow said...

I hate to admit I had to laugh about your remarks about the dead stove. Have been there and done that right up to the eyebrows! Thanks for the trip down memory lane. LOL

Those darn crows will get into anything. And they're really got at voicing their displeasure when they decide it wasn't worth their effort.

Take good care of yourself, you're right that pneumonia is bad stuff!

Cactus Jack Splash said...

I hope you get well soon. The only advantage to a dead stove is not having to cook, other than that is seems like it would be a pain.
Hang in there.