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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Dad and his girls...still sick...and stove story!

Here are some pics of Dad with his girls! Look at Scout..."Hey, where are MY apples?" Don't worry...Miss Piggy got some, too!

I'm still sick. It now appears I'm getting the dreadful chest cold that goes into bronchitis. I'm going to take some of my Manuka honey later and then send hubby out for another jar! That stuff WORKS! I'm hoping that if I rest today, I can drive up the hill tomorrow to see the herd.

Stove story...our 15 years old (cheap) bottom of the line stove (actually only the oven part) wasn't working. We had NO oven for Thanksgiving or over the Christmas holidays. The burners worked just fine, however. Hubby wanted a new stove as he LOVES to come home after working all day in an office and cooking dinner. He found a Sears Kenmore Elite gas range (normal price $1400) for $799. The floor salesman ASSURED HIM (you know what "assure" means) that it was in working order and so he bought it. Apparently another couple bought it and returned it because it didn't "fit in with their kitchen." HA! Wouldn't they have figured that out BEFORE buying it? I was already suspicious, but I kept my mouth shut. This was HIS project! It was delivered yesterday afternoon and they hauled the OLD stove away. The new one is going BACK to Sears THIS afternoon. Yeah, we paid $100 delivery and installation and he's FURIOUS! The dreaded F11 error code popped up and the installation crew couldn't fix it and after TWO HOURS on the phone with various people, NOBODY could undo it. Apparently if that code comes up, you are SCREWED and you have to send your stove back and they have to completely replace the electronic panel! Which was NOT DONE on this stove! So, back to Sears it goes this afternoon and now we won't have a stove AT ALL until his bank reverses the$700 charge, which could be DAYS. (No way can we afford two $700 charges in two weeks!) I guess I'll have to make coffee in the mornings now on our outdoors BBQ! Oh, what fun! He's so pissed right now he had to have a bottle of wine last night all by himself! I'd already had a "hot toddy" for my cold and I was loopier than ever. The cognac was great and it put me to sleep! We had to unplug the stove last night because of the constant beeping from the error code. It was SUPPOSED to be refurbished and workable. At least, THAT is what the salesman "assure" hubby. It was not. In my opinion, that is FRAUD. They KNOWLINGLY sold us a defective product. Any ideas/suggestions? I'm going to take photos of it this morning with the dreaded "ERROR" message and the sales tag on the stove and hubby is going to sit down and compose a few letters. Oh, boy! Look out! COVER YOUR EARS!


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oh no!! That reeks! You slam 'em good for selling you a defective product! So sorry for the mayhem Sears is causing. darn.

I sure hope you feel better too. Manuka honey is suposed to work wonders. But if you like homepathic natural remedies, you might also want to try Zicam. That stuff is pure gold! You rub the little swab in your nose and whammo, you start to feel better almost right away!

I loved the pics of 'Dad with his girls'. So sweet. You can tell the feelings of love are mutual :)


Ed said...

Hope you nad your dad are feeling better. I hate buying something just to find out it does not work when you get it home. Sears should do the right thing, but then they are sears. Say Hi to the herd for me...Later..Ed

"Ice Pony Girl" said...

Grrr! about Sears. But I enjoyed your photos.