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Saturday, January 17, 2009

digital camera bloopers!

I was dragged kicking and screaming into owning a digital camera several years ago when my old Konica camera finally died. My dad gave me the Konica in high school and it and I traveled across the country a couple of times. It was my "old, reliable". I could set it on automatic or manual and get the photo I wanted. BUT...processing the film was expensive! And, since hubby and I both had regular cameras, there often were rolls of film lying around that NEVER got developed. I actually have a whole bag full of them out in the garage! So, when hubby got a digital camera, I was intrigued to watch him use it. NO FILM! Huh? How does that work? He finally gave me one for my own, my Canon, and I learned to use it. Of course, then I had to learn how to upload the photos to my computer, but...gone were the days of waiting 3-4 days or a week to view them! (happy dance!) AND...for someone like me, who is NOT a professional photographer, I could take some real DUD photos and simply delete them once they were uploaded! (happy dance again)! I know I have a couple of friends with digital cameras (Hope...!!!) and I need to show them how to upload their pictures or get more comfortable with their digital cameras.

Anyway, the beauty of owning a digital camera is that you can take as many photos as your camera will hold, like my Canon, which can hold 999 photos at one time...or my little Nikon, which has a removeable memory card. I'm getting lazy now and while I still carry my Canon with me on weekends, I ALWAYS carry my little Nikon with me in my purse and I'm using it more and more often. When I get home, I just take out the memory card and slip it into my printer and VIOLA! There are my photos! With the Canon, I have to attach a cord to the USB port and camera and upload the photos. Plus, the Canon is much heavier and larger than the Nikon.

So, if I don't get good pictures with both of them, I simply delete them. No charge! I thought this morning I'd show you a few of my "bloopers". I've deleted the other ones, but you can see these! Enjoy! Or laugh... Yes, that's the top of my head! I was TRYING to get a pic of Beauty and I together...HA! Yes, that's Scout big nose! She moved JUST as I was taking a photo of her! And, yes, that's Gigondas without a head! She, too, moved at the last second! Same for Sunni! Oh, boy! The joys of owning a digital camera! Delete, delete, delete, delete, delete....


Amanda said...

Aren't digital cameras wonderful? No film to buy and develope and you can make all the mistakes you want to.

Cactus Jack Splash said...

I love my digital camera. I also love not having to pay for film development of pictures that I goof up on. You know the ones you snap of your feet, too blurry, your finger in the middle of the frame.
I am not sure the photo of the horses nose is a blopper, at least not to the horse. It seems that is what all horses want you to take a picture of-that or their butt LOL

Mr. Blogger said...

Yeah. Digital camera's are great for taking pictures. No having to wind film or pay for it. No more having to wait on pictures getting developed. I even saw Ceiva has digital picture frames to display digital pictures on.

deserthorses5 said...

I actually got a digital photo frame about a year ago. I put some of my horse photos in it. I love to watch them. Hubby gave our daughter one, too, and she has some of her France and Hawaii vacation photos in hers! They are great! I took it to school to show the kids and now I've put it away and I need to FIND IT! Yikes! Now...where is that "safe place" I stuck it?

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

lol! Great blooper shots. hehe

It's funny, but sometimes the bloopers can be interesting, too.

There's a blog called "Crappy Photos" that shows blooper photos and often they have something interesting and unusual about them.


Eve said...

Love the bloopers DH!! Without failure we can't strive for success! This digital age has made many a fantastic photographer!! My biggest problem…I don’t DELETE!!! Ha Ha!!
Thanks for visiting!