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Friday, January 2, 2009

New YouTube video

Yes, I've done it again! I put together a new YouTube video with Gigondas, Beauty, and Sunni romping in the arena. Beauty, like I mentioned the other day, was BEGGING to get out and RUN, which she did! And, when Sunni joined her, they had a blast!
Which comes first? The video or the music? Well, it depends. Sometimes I have a particular song in mind and then I try to figure out what photos go best with it. Sometimes I have photos that I want to make a video out of and I'll look for the song. Since I have access to ITunes, I have access to lots of songs. And, on the other hand, since I have a LOT of photos, I can pick and choose among them. I'd like to make one of the desert and I need to find a song to go with those photos. I wanted to do one of our two mustangs, but I've already done one and I've also done one just with Cali. I need to sit down and go through my photos from fall and see what I have! I LOVE Hevia! There is a BIG difference between the songs available on Playlist and ITunes. A lot of times ITunes has different versions of the songs from Playlist. I found this Hevia song there, but it isn't available on Playlist. (I find Playlist very frustrating!) Anyway, enjoy the video and please leave me some feedback, either here or on YouTube! And, thank you for visiting! Also, could you please let me know if the Hevia song here is distorted! When we were on vacation up north, I logged on, and to my horror, the Dancing song from Wall-e was awful! It was horribly garbled, so I deleted it. I never had any problems with it on this computer at home, so I'm not sure what the problem was...let me know if this current Hevia song plays okay here on blogger. Here's the link to the newest video:

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Rising Rainbow said...

I think the music is playing OK on blogger. I haven't figured out how to do this technical stuff like put music to video or for that matter create video from pics. Good for you.

Wishing you a Happy New Year!