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Sunday, October 2, 2011

My friend Barb

I spent three hours yesterday up at my friend Barb's place, which is right on the way to the horse ranch.  However, she lives at a lower elevation, in the pinyon pine forest.  She has two acres and the most beautiful red barn in this area.  I had seen Barb at the end of the last school year, but we weren't able to coordinate our schedules this summer.  We were in and out all summer and she and her BF went to Canyon de Chelly.  They took the 3 hour horseback ride through the canyon and she showed me some of their photos...WOW!  They were just spectacular!  We've been there three times now, but we are always on top, looking down.  They were on the bottom, looking UP!  She rode a buckskin mustang mare who she said was just "dead"...dead eyes, dead attitude.  Their Indian scout had a black mustang stallion. And, she told me, "We actually DID see a black stallion and his two mares!" and showed me those photos.  It was a good morning.  I always learn so much from Barb.  She's been my friend now for over 15 years, ever since we taught at the same school and were reading buddies so many years ago.  She doesn't have many female friends and neither do I, but she and I have always connected.  ANYWAY...we've decided to write and publish childrens' books!  Her BF has a Mac computer and we both have TONS of photos, so these will be non-fiction, short little stories about our animals.  Barb has 3 horses, 1 turkey, 4 chickens, 2 goats, and 4 dogs (most of which were rescued from the streets).  I have 5 horses, 5 cats, and 3 dogs.  Heck, my horse stories alone can keep me busy!  I've already written the first book, "Cali and the Tumbleweed" about the day she ate the tumbleweed down in the arena.  I've had it in my brain for several years now and yesterday I sat down and wrote the rough draft.  We would probably just do ebooks...any suggestions?  I know that Nuzzling Muzzles does ebooks...any advice/ideas?  Here are a few photos from yesterday.  Barb is quite a colorful character, but she has been a good friend and buddy and I've really missed her.  I'm so glad we re-connected.  She is going to show me some Indian spots up in Garner Valley and we are driving to Idyllwild next weekend.

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Nuzzling Muzzles said...

I've only dealt with uploading one picture for the cover of the book and the rest is text. Because children's books usually contain lots of pictures, your ebook market may be limited to reading on PCs and newer ereading devices that support picture pages. You can also get the Writer's Market or the Children's Book Writer's Market for more information on how children's books have been published traditionally.