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Sunday, October 16, 2011

A murder of crows~SOOC Sunday~101611

When I drove through Garner Valley last weekend, I could hear a lot of crows.  I saw quite a few of them in one spot and I got out of the car to take a photograph of them, but they flew off.  Then, I looked up and saw this!  There were over two dozen of them circling high overhead!  I snapped away with my camera.  I returned yesterday to check out the fall colors and saw quite a few of them.  I think they are actually ravens.  They seem to like the valley up there and they sit on the white fences.  They are quite shy, however, and every time I got out of my car to take a photograph, off they went! I'm glad I caught these photos when I did as I may never have another chance!  SOOC Sunday for October 16, 2011. To visit SOOC Sunday, please go to:


Helen Campbell said...

Great photos! Thanks for sharing!

Sage said...

good shot of the ravens. We have one or two come through now and then but I can't get a photo of them either.

Lucy aka Roeann said...

I love scenes like this. When I was in DC I was stopped at a stop light when all these many many birds like these guys flew over and settled into a large tree. Wish I'd had the time to take a picture.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Great photos!

That's a lot of crows. I bet it was very loud, too!