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Monday, July 6, 2009


Hubby and I are currently in Arizona, visiting Flagstaff. We found a wonderful Mexican restaurant, Salsa Brava, on US 66. After checking out their website, we headed over there for dinner. I was intrigued by their salsa bar. The mild salsa is in the middle, and on the outer edges of it are the hotter ones. Of course, I immediately went for the "HOT" salsa and wasn't disappointed. This one had a hot, smoky flavor, which I LOVED! I ordered the sour cream chicken enchilladas and hubby had the beef ones. We were not disappointed. The food was superb, the service was EXCELLENT, and we relaxed after a day of driving. We visited the visitor center/Amtrak train station, got maps, and had THE WORST LUNCH we've had in a very long time at the Downtown Diner, which should be renamed The Downtown Dive!(in my opinion!!!!) ~I had a turkey sandwich (where's the turkey?) with 1 slice of turkey, some cheese spread, and no dressing. Oh, and soggy bread! Hubby had the absolute WORST hamburger he's ever had!!! NO mayo, NO mustard, NO lettuce, NO tomato...NO FLAVOR! And, the service was horrible!!!! We'll NEVER go back there and I would advise you to stay away!

Here's the website for Salsa Brava: And, bravo to them for an excellent meal and wonderful, cheerful servers! No frowns at this place! Everybody was friendly and cheerful.
Today we are off to the Mogollon Rim and places like Snowflake and Show Low.

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Cactus Jack Splash said...

Oh Dakota would have loved the salsa bar.
Thanks for the restaurant reviews