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Thursday, April 21, 2011

I heard a hissing sound and I took off running!

I'm not kidding you! Hubby and I found another big area of petroglyphs near Bishop, CA this morning. So we parked the car and went hiking...dum de dum, dum...We were climbing rocks, walking around, getting hot and thirsty and I went one way and he went another. I took a few steps and heard, "SSSsssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!" Eh? What was that? I thought it was the wind, took another step, heard, "ssssssssss!" I looked down, didn't SEE anything, took another step, but this time it was really LOUD and finally my instincts took over and my heart started beating and I knew I was IN TROUBLE! I hightailed it outta there so fast...I literally ran down to the dirt road and refused to walk through the brush any longer! I don't know what it was and I don't really care...I was outta there!!!! That area was creepy. I felt like we were being watched the whole time we were there, even though we were the only car for miles! It was as if the spirits of the old ones were still you know the feeling?

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Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oooh! Yes I do know that feeling well.
And your experience reminds me of this one time I was hiking up at Ojo Caliente near the hot springs, looking for some petroglyphs and a letterbox. When all of a sudden I heard rattling!!!!
I was over 4 miles from the hot springs and all civilization, with no cell phone and no one knew where I was.
I was freaked out. I was on a rocky, steep hill and not sure which was to go, worried about stepping on a rattler. gah!!

I finally just flew down the hill, which was not so great for my knee. But I had to get out of there. Never did find the letterbox, but I'm alive. That's what matters most, right?