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Friday, April 17, 2009

Golden Eagle Farm, Ramona, CA

Hubby and I drove to Ramona, CA yesterday to visit the Ramona Cafe and have lunch. The old Golden Eagle Farm was along the way and we stopped at an overlook to view it. Apparently the owners have "downsized". We only saw 1 horse outside yesterday. I just read up on it and they are still breeding thoroughbreds there, until their new operation opens up in 2010.
It's a sad commentary that many well bred thoroughbreds end up on feedlots, awaiting slaughter. Cappucino Kid was rescued from a WA state feedlot last year, purchased for $425.00 by SOS Rescues. He earned over $250,000. But, even an impressive pedigree doesn't guaranteee a good life or a good end. He is the half brother to Medaglia D'Oro and he was scheduled to be shipped to Mexico for slaughter. Here's the link to his story: Rescued from the Sugarcreek auction, in Ohio, were Bam Attack, Cinema Star, Elegant River, Marquet Gold, Rose Minister, Slew Okee, and Tee's Valentine, Zagor's Deco Due, and East Over Baghdad. Rescued from the New Holland kill pen were: Choice Request, Coaxed, Donaldaburns, Dr. Hector, Fast Movin Fini, Little Cliff, Seneca Point, Skip'n True, Socies Girl, Wheels of Stars, and Wolf Pen Lane. (Source: (If you want to see their pedigrees, go to You can daily read about the sad plight of former racehorses on websites and forums. 36 PREGNANT mares were rescued last year from a feedlot in Arizona from another California breeder! They were rescued by Tranquility Farm, a thoroughbred rescue in Tehachipi, CA. Or just view the horses listed on SHI: or SCTR (Southern California thoroughbred rescue): How about Jill Curtis at Shiloh Horse Rescue? Or United Pegasus? Oh, and let's not forget this scumbag (Ernie Paragallo)
Okay. Sorry for the rant. I just get SO FRUSTRATED every time I see another thoroughbred rescued from a kill pen or feed lot. WHEN will the racing industry take care of its own????????


Anonymous said...

To most people in the racing industry, horses are disposable "equipment". There's no penalty to them if they send a horse to slaughter. The whole thing is an enormous waste.

Katharine Swan said...

I agree with Kate. We desperately need to reform the horse racing industry -- including penalizing breeders and owners who send horses to slaughter when their racing careers are over.