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Welcome to my horse blog, Desert Horses. We live in the desert southwest, near Palm Springs, CA, but board our horses up in our local mountains where it is cooler in the summer. I have 4 horses, all rescues. Here is the ranch up the mountains where the horses stay.

Monday, March 4, 2013


I posted these pics on one of my other blogs, but they were so colorful, I thought I'd post them here!   :-)  And, yes, ALL of these are fresh produce, either grown here in the Coachella Valley or down in San Diego. Vendors come to the College of the Desert street fair every weekend and some of these guys have been coming for years.  No, however, it's not ORGANIC produce...sigh...there are three other venues for that produce.  During winter break, I did get to go to the Palm Desert certified farmers' market and it is very small.  I had THE BEST wheatgrass I've ever had there and I bought a small rosemary and sage plant to keep on my kitchen shelf.  But, that's ONLY on Wednesday mornings and I'm in school (except for spring break!)  I do plan on returning that week and going to the organic farmers' market, but until then, aren't these beautiful veggies?

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vnv4 said...

Beautiful enough for me to want to reach through the computer and pick some of these gorgeous items. :)