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Monday, March 11, 2013

Saturday's trip

I don't always like it when hubby has Saturday off.  First of all, sometimes on Saturday I just stay home and vegetate.  After battling 28 third graders all week I'm TIRED.  Or, I go up and spend the morning with my horses.  So, this weekend, when hubby announced that we were going to our daughter's for breakfast on Saturday, I was a little confused.  (I find myself confused a lot of times these days!).  Then, he decided that WE were driving out to Anza-Borrego state park.  Now, that's another 1 1/2 hour drive from Indio, so it's about 2 hours from our house....there went my Saturday plans.  Fortunately, it was a gorgeous weekend here in the desert and I was able to go see them on Sunday, so I'll have plenty to blog about for the rest of the week!  So, off to Anza-Borrego we went.  You have to take Interstate 86, along the EAST side of the Salton Sea and go through West Shores and Salton City to get to the park.  No, we didn't stop anywhere along the way...hubby is too impatient for any of that!  We were on a wildflower discovery tour (there weren't many...).  Here are some pics from Saturday, then.  The top photo shows some of the vast badlands in Anza-Borrego.  Next is hubby out walking after taking a photo.  The clouds were pretty. We stopped at the 3rd spot to take photos of the wildflowers.  If we still had Mellow Yellow Monday, I would post some for that, but it's gone...See the clouds in the next photo?  That's the back road up through Julian, CA and that's where we headed next.  Snow and clouds in Julian.  The town was PACKED!  There were people everywhere and I couldn't find a parking spot, so we left town and bought an apple pie in Santa Ysabel.  More clouds and that's a back view of our Santa Rosa mountains...then home (at last!)

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"Madeleines Pics" said...

Beautiful shots!
Love the clouds touching the mountains!