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Thursday, November 17, 2011

next week~~

Next week, I have the WHOLE week off.  Of course, two of the days are furlough days, which means I don't get paid, but I NEED a break!  It's been a LONG 13 weeks of school and I'm ready for some "horse time"!  As some of you know, I have a rough group this year.  I also have 29 kiddos and I believe that at least 8 of them are either ADD or ADHD.  I've filled out the paperwork for them to receive extra services.  However, a 2/3 combo is needed, so I volunteered....(smacking hand on head...) I would lose 9 kids and get in 9 second graders.  It MIGHT help to calm down the class (...crossing fingers....)Hubby and I were going to drive over to Arizona for 3 days, but, after talking last night, we decided to stay home.  MORE HORSE TIME for me!  Plus, I need to rent a rug cleaner and do all our carpets.  Our older German Shepherd has...well, a leaking problem.  He doesn't mean to, but he sometimes dribbles.  He's a really nice, mellow, kind-hearted dog and I hate to leave him outdoors at night as it has been cold here and he doesn't have much hair.  So, I let him pretty much take over my blogging chair and at some point, I'm going to need to toss the chair...So, we'll stay home, I'll rent a rug shampooer one day, visit the horses, go up for a lesson with them on Tuesday, and then we'll stuff ourselves silly on Thursday.  Oh, and regarding my walking...I've already dropped a size!  My pants are all now loose and I can see a visible difference.  Whoo, whoo!!!!  I don't eat any snacks anymore and I eat smaller portions. So, it looks like next week will be a busy one at home and with the horses! Photo taken on my favorite side road up in the pinyon forest of our local mountains.

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lisa said...

Sounds like you really do need that time! Have a nice one, while you can ;)