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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dear Mr. President

I am extremely UPSET and DISAPPOINTED in your action over the Thanksgiving holiday, allowing, once again, the door to open for horse slaughter here in the United States.  Having 5 horses, all rescues, this is extremely disheartening to those of us who have dedicated our fortunes, our lives, and our efforts to prevent this. 

I wasn't going to comment on this today, but I'm just so darn UPSET and DISAPPOINTED in President Obama that I had to.  This just isn't right.  It is a slap in the face to those of us who worked so hard to prevent this.  Obama will NOT get my vote next year.  PERIOD.  Yes, this issue is this important to me!  He can pardon a turkey, but sentence thousands of horses to their deaths?

Here is a link to an excellent article:



Roean said...

He wasn't going to get my vote anyway. This cements it. Idiot people who sit in 3000 dollar suits and made decisions like this that they have no idea what it's about. He doesn't even know what a horse is.

Yes! I agree fully!!

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

I am sick over this and I'm a huge democrat too, just don't know what to do. I guess some letter writing is needed. I really can't believe he did that. :(

One Red Horse said...

Even though Obama had not lived up to his promise, IMO, I was going to vote for him. Not anymore. Whatever the "excuse" or "reasonable explanation" for signing this bill . . . Mr. Obama and I have parted ways. I am disgusted beyond words. Interesting how little coverage the press has given the travesty.

Sage said...

can't believe there has been NO coverage of this on TV, newspapers, or internet. There is no excuse for it. How can anyone be so heartless