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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Our scrub jay is GONE!!!!

We've had a scrub jay who lived in our neighborhood now for the past two years. He just appeared one day 2 springs ago and stayed. Several of us feed the morning doves, so he had a good source of food. We figured he flew down from the nearby pinyon forest in our local mountains. It's only a 5 minute drive to the pinyon forest, where I see many of his relatives. He got to associate me with food and when I would drive up into our driveway every afternoon, he would appear for his afternoon birdseed. He'd also greet me in the morning. He was here after we returned from vacation, but I told hubby I didn't see or hear him all last weekend. And, hubby stayed home yesterday and didn't see or hear him either. Believe me, he's quite LOUD!!! We don't have a clue as to what happened to him. All we know is that our neighborhood is a lot quieter without him. **NOT MY PHOTO*** I could never get a decent one of him...he was always in a tree staring down at me or hopping around the yard! We miss you, little one!


lisa said...

That is one thing I love to hear and that is the birds, he is a handsome fellow it is too bad he has gone.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

How odd that he always was alone. We have huge flocks of pinon jays that fly in to our feeders all winter and Spring and chase away all the little birds. We don't see them during the summer, though. I wonder where they go.


Cheryl Ann said...

Lisa, he came as a juvenile. We thought last spring he would fly off to find a mate, but he didn't. Maybe that's what he did? Anyway, it sure is quiet without him! I really miss the little guy! I loved hearing his calls and watching him. He would watch for me and he knew I would throw out food for him! I hope he found a mate and that he didn't end up as a meal for one of the neighborhood cats!

Sage said...

I hope your jay comes back with a mate and has little jays. My mom had jays in her yard in Silver City, NM but we don't have them here in Rio Rancho, sure wish we did. We do have lots of birds that I leave water out for. If I tried to feed them all I would be very poor. Which I am anyway from feeding horses.Birds are fun and interesting to watch.