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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Blue jay is gone, but geckos are back

Yup. The geckos are back. We've had a family of geckos in our back yard now for several years. Last summer, I saw three babies. I saw the first adult gecko tonight. Now, we've had two days of near 100 degree temps today and yesterday, so maybe that's why they have come out from the water heater storage area. I saw them around that area out by the back sink last fall. I also saw a couple out by our palo verde tree in the back yard and another very dark one out by one of the dogs' holes out back. I never saw them over the winter and we had some hard freezes here this past winter. But, tonight, with temps in the 80's, one crawled out of the water heater box and up the wall onto our kitchen window screen. The geckos like it there because we have a flourescent light fixture which we leave on all night and it attracks moths and bugs to the window, so the geckos have an easy time finding a meal. And, since it is so hot tonight, we'll keep the windows closed and leave the a/c on all night (first night)...It is supposed to dip back down into the 80's over the next week and the 90's over the weekend. I'm so happy to see my little friends with their sticky pads. I've heard them chirp several times and I've watched them catch the moths that come to the back window! **Not my photo**

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Sage said...

Love them little fellers. They eat so many bugs. Thanks for stopping by the Tumbleweed Crossing.