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Welcome to my horse blog, Desert Horses. We live in the desert southwest, near Palm Springs, CA, but board our horses up in our local mountains where it is cooler in the summer. I have 4 horses, all rescues. Here is the ranch up the mountains where the horses stay.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"T" is for tails~ABC Wednesday 120110

Each of my horses has their own distinct tail. I couldn't find a decent photo of Scout's, but hers is pretty stubby and always has been. Quad has a thin one, Gigondas' tail always looks nice and trimmed and I've NEVER even touched her tail (something I need to work on...). I have no idea why or how hers is so even! Any ideas? Cali has a thick, beautiful one, but Sunni has the thickest and longest. In fact, I had to cut 4 inches of his this fall! His tail grew back in two years after Cali munched it one cold winter night! He looked like a yearling! She also munched on Scout's. I can't imagine Scout allowing her to do that, but WHO KNOWS? She managed to destroy both Sunni's tail and Scout's the same night! "Tails"...ABC Wednesday for December 1, 2010.


lisa said...

That is for sure, Annie has a nice full tail and Sirocco's his more thin and straight.

Roger Owen Green said...

That frst tale seems particularly long!
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

helenmac said...

And what a tale they tell!
HelenMac, ABC team