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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The road strikes back...(not me...)

...sigh...once again, the twisty, turning mountain road has struck again. As I was driving down Monday after my soggy visit to the horse ranch, I saw several signs of cars who had spun out. And, coming around one blind corner, there on the sit was a car which had rolled over and several teenagers sitting on rocks around it. I didn't stop because other cars already had. There is NO cell phone service on most of the road, and apparently another car had driven ALL the way down the road to alert the fire department. I passed two firetrucks and a paramedic ambulance heading up the hill. The kids looked like they were dazed, but okay. I had watched several cars speed by me (I ALWAYS pull over whenever I can and let the IDIOTS go by!) on my way up the hill. WHEN will people learn that you CANNOT drive 60 mph on this road? Aye! I want to post signs, "SLOW DOWN: This mountain will KILL YOU!", but heck, they drive so fast, they wouldn't even see the signs!

We've had rain all night and ALL the roads crossing the wash here in the desert are flooded and closed. I'm going to have to take the RAV out this morning to put some miles on it. We are currently trying to get it smogged (here in California, you HAVE to get your car smog checked every other year), but a light came on indicating there was a problem with the exhaust system, so into the shop it went. The mechanic told us he reset the light (and couldn't find anything wrong) and for us to put about 100 miles on it and then bring it back and he would check it again. So, I need to put another 50 miles or so on it this morning before we take it back to the shop.

In the meantime, it is dark, cloudy, and rainy. I need to head out soon and I think I'll take a run up the mountain road just to see what kind of weather is up there and then hubby and I will take the Toyota to the shop. I LOVE that little car (it's our son's old 1997 Toyota RAV4) and I frequently take it with me up the mountain road and go off-roading (it has 4-wheel drive). It can go ANYWHERE! So, here are some pics of our desert and mountain weather from the last couple of days! Is it still raining where you live? We should have today's rain and then it is SUPPOSED to clear tomorrow and Friday. Whoopie! We are SATURATED here in the desert, which is why the wash fills up with water and floods. The local news just announced that the fire department is pulling IDIOTS out of the washes who thought they could drive through the water!!! The news just announced that to be towed out of a wash will cost you $400!!!!!!!!!! HELLO! And, they will get a ticket.


Cactus Jack Splash said...

Safe journeys on the mountain road

Mikey said...

HA! That'll show them. $400 ain't cheap, plus a ticket? Let's hope people learn.
Be careful out there!

Linda said...

The road sounds treacherous! Hope everyone was okay.

We have to do emissions checks here in WA, too. :(

Rebecca said...

Sometimes when that light comes up for the exhaust system, it is just that your fuel cap is not on tight enough. There is a sensor in there to prevent gas emissions that causes the exhaust light to go off if the cap is not fully sealed.

Be safe driving, its flooded down here in Hemet too!

Rising Rainbow said...

I'm glad to hear they're making the idiots pay. Much better than taxpayers expense.

It's not rained here for a couple of days. Been very windy and threatening but no wet stuff. I'm sure that will change anytime now. Those clouds can't hold onto that moisture forever.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

It's a good thing that folks will get fined. Maybe they'll stp being so stupid when out driving around. Oy!
We haven't had any rain here since August, but the ground is pretty saturated with our foot of snow that is all melted now.
I remember living in California and dealing with the rainy winter season, though. It can get scary in the steep foothills and mountains when the ground becomes so soaked, because then the ground just gives way and causes a dirt avalanche. Especially when houses come down, too. Scary stuff!

Stay safe and watch out for the speed demons,

Merry Christmas, too!

lisa said...

I have been watching the news with all the flooding out there! Really bad. Stay safe, I also have a toyota, Camery and I love mine! You have a wonderful Christmas!