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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Getting sick AGAIN! ACK!

Yes...sigh...I'm getting sick AGAIN! I can feel a sore throat beginning, so I've gargled with salt water, but now I have that "dizzy headache"....UGH! This will be the THIRD TIME this fall that I've been sick! I'm going to hobble into school today, but if I'm like this tomorrow, I'll take the day off and stay in bed!!!! The kids are coughing, coughing, and coughing without covering their mouths...what's a teacher to do? I've discussed covering your mouth, washing your hands, and protecting apparently indifferent ears! Christmas vacation begins Saturday and I would hate to be sick my entire vacation! I've already had a z-pack twice and I know I won't get another one!!! Any ideas/suggestions? I took this picture on Saturday afternoon. These are the pinyons in our local mountains.


Deb said...

Have you considered getting the pneumonia shot? You only need it twice in a lifetime, once before 70 years old and once after. I also work in an elementary school. I used to get pneumonia or bronchitis every year until I finally got this shot. I haven't had it since. Maybe ask your Dr. about it for next year? It might be too late for this year. Good luck!! It's hard to stay well when you work with a bunch of sick little boogers!! :-)

Barb said...

Do you take probiotics? If not maybe you could consider it as they replace all the good bacteria that the antibiotics kill off when they're after the bad infection causing bacteria.

Cheryl Ann said...

Deb, next time I go into my doctor, yes, I'll ask about the shot. Barb, yes, I do take probiotics, but my immune system just gets overwhelmed! Plus, stress, lack of rest...yadda, yadda, yadda (more excuses...)