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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sunni is a wallflower! Horse personality quiz

I took the horse personality quiz posted by Lisa over at Laughing Orca Ranch ( chose Sunni as my first candidate, since I've had him the longest and know him the best. He came out a "wallflower"! Her horse, Apache, is also a wallflower. Here is the description:
"Wrap these sweet, kind, gentle horses up and keep them safe. They are not very brave and tend to internalize their worries. They want to please and will try very hard for you, but they can be pushed too fast very easily. They make few demands of you and are quite content to perform the same tasks repeatedly as long as you are pleased with them and the jobs are not to strenuous. Quiet enough for the beginner once they understand what is expected of them."

I think this is an accurate description of Sunni. He is NOT very brave and he always seems to have a worried look. In fact, when I first adopted him, he looked VERY worried. He does seem content to do the same things over and over. He readily leaves the others (when we had them all together) to come up to me. Once he understands things, he is pretty quiet, but new things do scare him! I have to remember to always do things slowly and calmly with Sunni. He is a big worry-wart! If you want to take the quiz, here's the link:


Judi said...

I've got a Goddess and a Steady Eddie. At least I hope I have a Steady Eddie. He is still a little new to me, and I guessed on a few questions.

One Red Horse said...

I love this test. Red tests as a Wild Card and Autumn as a Goddess. So far I can't get an accurate read on Lyra (do they have one for "crazy old TB mare"?)