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Friday, July 2, 2010

Poison Oak and another busy day!

Well, we actually slept in until 7:30 a.m. this morning. I guess I've finally relaxed and can enjoy my summer vacation! We drove out to Grass Valley and Nevada City today. On our way back to our hotel, we drove by an old brick building that was in the process of being restored. I drove right by it and hubby suggested we go back and take pics. So, I did a u-turn and pulled into a park parking lot. Hubby went one way and I went another. Across the street a red-tailed hawk was screeching his disapproval of our presence! I was so intent on the old house that I didn't look where I was stepping. I had tromped about, scaring off any potential rattlesnake threats, but I was so interested in the old house that I momentarily forgot about other dangers below my feet. Poison oak is all over Yosemite park and I was so careful there. Anyway, I looked down and to my horror, I was surrounded by little itty bitty poison oak plants! ACK! HELP! Fortunately, I had decided that day to wear my long jeans, instead of my shorts! Phew! So, I carefully threaded my way out and when we arrived back at the hotel, I threw my shoes, socks, and jeans into the washer right away! I don't think I got any of it on my skin because it was growing very low to the ground. But, I did identify those leaves and the sheared leaves in sets of 3...and my concern grew. No itching yet, so I think I'm okay. Here are the photos that I braved walking through poison oak to take! I'm such a sucker for old buildings! I grew up in Arcadia, CA, not far from the Lucky Baldwin Queen Anne cottage, carriage house, and the Hugo Reid house. I enjoy seeking out old, historical buildings and investigating them. They have such wonderful stories to tell. This old house was built by a man, Mr. A. J. Bayley, who built it thinking his railroad partners would build a road right by this house in Pilot Hill, CA. John C. Fremont had surveyed the route right by the house, the "Fremont Trail" over the Sierras. Instead, they chose a route in another less expensive route through nearby Auburn and this beautiful Southern style house stood alone and way off the main highway. It faded into obscurity and now stands deserted, waiting to be restored. I was intrigued by the old, overgrown steps that led up to its front porch and that's where I discovered the poison oak. But, just think of the stories that this house could tell!

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Gail said...

We have that in common, I love old buildings and wonder why that all left to fall.

Beautiful pictures and wonderful building.