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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Almost home! 5 hours to go!

This has been the LONGEST vacation that hubby and I have taken in years. Our usual vacation length is about 5 days. We've now been gone 11 days and we are 5 hours from home this morning. While I've enjoyed waking up to the fog of northern California, and it has been 112 down in the desert, I'm ready to be reunited with our cats, dogs, horses, and the blue jay who has settled in our neighborhood! This trip has been a good break from the desert and we got to see some new territory up in Medford, Oregon! Hubby is already planning our next two trips, both of which will be back to northern California and a lot shorter! Fortunately, a neighbor boy is feeding the animals and watering my newly-planted desert trees and our son is checking up on the house cats. But, I'm ready to return home and get back into our daily routine. And, I REALLY miss my horses! I'm ready to spend some time with them and start working with them again. Unfortunately, last night while we were unpacking the car, I somehow sprained my ring finger on my right hand and I can barely move it today! OUCH! I have tons of laundry to do and things to sort and put away, but it was a fun trip. Here are some pics from yesterday's visit to the wine country near Paso Robles, CA. Yes, those are WILD turkeys~a whole flock of them! And, a deer crossed the road right in front of us on our way back to the hotel.

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lisa said...

It is nice to take a vacation but it is so sweet to get home afterwards! My hubby is talking about taking a couple of weeks next year for vacation, just the two of us! Never did that before, so I hope it comes to pass.