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Friday, July 23, 2010

Scout personality~Rock star!!!

I didn't even have to take the quiz to know what SHE is!!!! Yup, she's a ROCK STAR!!!
"The Rock Stars are confident and charismatic. They are expressive and strong minded. They love to show you what they know but are hard to get to focus on the small details of the task. They are found in many competitive arenas, usually at the top of their field."
I worked with Scout yesterday. She tried to barge ahead and got a bop on the nose. Hm...she had to stop and think about that! She did everything else perfectly! She stopped, she stayed, she backed up...she walked right next to me. I lifted all 4 of her feet (phew!) because the ferrier is coming out next week to trim the herd again. I wanted to make sure Scout would stand quietly (unlike her last ferrier visit!) and she did. Here are some pics of Scout expressing her opinion about things yesterday!!! She IS very opinionated!

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lisa said...

Sounds like my Sirocco!