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Monday, February 4, 2013

I heard a WHOOSH and all the doves scattered

I stayed home from school today.  I was sick ALL WEEKEND with the flu...bodyaches, headache, diarrhea (just what you wanted to hear, right?) and a nasty, horrible, wheezing cough that wouldn't quit...I thought I was ready to go today, but after being up an hour, I was lightheaded and dizzy.  Oh, boy!  I had just spent 2 days sprawled out on the couch, sleeping for about 16 hours each day.  Actually, it was more like 20...I vaguely remember a few hours of consciousness...So today, while sitting here at my desktop, I heard a loud flapping of wings.  I went outside and yup, the Cooper's hawk struck again.  There are morning dove feathers outside our front porch.  That means he now is comfortable coming into our front yard, among all of our trees there, and picking his prey.  ALL the birds in the yard immediately vanished and stayed away for about an hour.  I went out and cleaned up the feathers.  There's never any blood or body parts...just feathers.  He seems to eat every 3 days, so all should be safe for a couple of days.  I'm pretty sure he is an immature one, as he has a lot of white on him.  I often see him on the telephone pole which is in our back yard, or on one of the two across the street.  I can tell when he is up there as there are NO birds in the yard AT ALL.  I have mixed feelings about him, as I've said before.  Hopefully he is also cleaning out the rats and mice in the neighborhood, not just the doves.  (***NOT MY PHOTO***)

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