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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Had a scare Friday with our daughter...

I missed the whole event.  I had put my cell phone in my purse because I didn't have a sweater or jacket with pockets big enough for it that day.  And, I NEVER have time anyway to check my phone at school.  I tucked it in one of my drawers and never heard a thing all day...drove home, threw my purse on the couch, and went outside to hose off the front porch.  Of course, I got distracted by other things, like picking up the dog poop, and I was outside for an hour.  Hubby came fuming home about 5:00 and didn't say a word except, "Don't you EVER check your cell phone?"  Huh? That's all he said.  I even left it in my purse overnight without charging it, so when I checked it (FINALLY) Saturday morning, there was a message from him, "At Jennifer's".  So I asked him what that was about and he unloaded...apparently Jennifer, our daughter, who is 8 months pregnant, had back pains at her school (she's a middle school band teacher).  Her husband was at work and couldn't leave and she needed somebody to take her to urgent care.  She got hold of her dad, and off they went.  He drove her to UC, sat in the waiting room, and then sat in the car when she had to return to school for something, and then he drove her home.  I was completely unaware of any of this.  LESSON LEARNED:  When your child is 8 months pregnant, KEEP THE CELL PHONE CLOSE!  :-(    I apologized to her profusely, but the truth is, I can't leave school without getting somebody to cover my class.  Her dad CAN leave his work, as he has another employee to cover.  I'm going to alert my principal that, since she's this close to the end of her pregnancy, I MAY have to leave one day...Photo taken at her baby shower last weekend.

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