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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Best buds and a coyote story

So, we were at my friend Barbara's Thursday night for drinks and dinner.  She has 5 dogs.  All of these dogs are either rescues or she has found them on the streets.  She has a couple of big, goofy looking dogs and several small ones.  The little poodle was found near her school.  I'm not sure where the big guy came from (I think he also was found near her school...).  So, one day (before they installed their electric fence), the dogs were out in her yard and she saw a coyote on the other side of the fence.  It GRABBED the little poodle around the stomach and took off.  Barb saw this and went screaming after her dog.  But, her fence was in the way, so she had to run around it.  However, the big dog took after his little friend, who was screaming for his life.  BD (big dog) (I think his name is Bullseye...) caught up to the coyote, scuffled with it...the coyote dropped the little guy, and Bullseye saved him.  However, the little one had a big hole in his stomach.  Barb told us he was lucky that the coyote didn't grab him by the neck and shake him and kill him.  So, she put him in her car, drove to Anza (where there are 2 vets), but it was a Saturday morning and neither one was open yet, so she got back on the road and drove to Temecula.  Unfortunately, she was behind a Highway Patrol officer, so she had to obey all traffic speed zones, but once he pulled off, she raced down the road to the vet's office there.  Little Pepe was saved!  Now, he NEVER goes outside the fence and he hangs around with his hero, Bullseye!  See...they ARE best buds!

I know that dogs (and cats) do get taken by coyotes.  It happens a LOT in Palm Springs.  And, two women in Palm Desert (out by the freeway) were bitten by coyotes this summer. When I was out doing my morning walks, I saw a coyote several times.  Then, two of them.  Then, one morning I looked up and 4 of them were staring at me!  I yelled and ran at them and they took off. I haven't been back walking there (it is just too dang hot right now.)  I'm glad that Barb put up an electric fence around her property.  She now also has a "night enclosure) for the dogs.  They can get to it through her garage so the coyotes don't get any of them.


Reddunappy said...

Coyotes are nasty mean boogers.

We heard a pack kill a neighbors dog the other night :O( Not being able to tell where exactly they were except up on the hill. Hearing that poor pup yell was very sad.

Louisette said...

Wonderfull fotos your horse, love much its, greeting from Belgium

Anonymous said...

wonderfull blog, best regard from Belgium