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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Santa Ana winds and a new laptop!

Well, actually it's hubby's old one (barely 3 years old) and it's a LOT faster than this one.  Unfortunately, the dogs stepped on its power chord, so, for this morning, I'm back on the old clunker (this one!)...Yesterday hubby cleaned off this computer's desktop, stored all my photos on the external hard drive, and we'll be giving this laptop to our son.  I'll be using another SONY (we love SONY laptops!), and it has...gasp...PHOTOSHOP already on it!  So, I'll be experimenting with Photoshop!  And, since it doesn't have Google Picassa and since Picassa is shutting down anyway, I'll be forced to learn Photoshop.  PERIOD.  On another note, we have high Santa Ana winds forecast for today (no clouds...), so it should be another interesting ride up the mountain to go visit and work with the horses!

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Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I remember those Santa Ana winds from when I lived in Hemet and Sierra Madre. Hot and dry.

You're not forced to learn how to use PhotoShop, unless you really want to. PhotoScape is a free download, which is what I use. It works much like PhotoShop, but without the huge learning curve and all those confusing layers. :)