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Monday, January 9, 2012

Back to school

I head back to school and 32 youngsters today.  Blah...I really got used to my 3 weeks off and some time to clean the house and time for horse lessons!  Hubby borrowed our son's huge outdoor vac and completely cleaned the living room...pulled out chairs, got rid of the cobwebs up in the ceiling corners (we have a 10 foot the desert...with DUST!)  I cleaned the patio glass doors 4x and they are still streaked!  ACK!  I also mopped the kitchen floor (twice), got dishes in the dishwasher, went out and raked the front yard and konked out after lunch!  We got a lot done and when both of us work on the house, it gets clean!  Unfortunately, most of the time hubby sits and goes through emails and reads the Los Angeles Times and the New York Times most of the day!  Grrrrrrrr!!!  It will be interesting to see how many of my students actually show up today.  It used to be that during the 2 week winter break, many would go to Mexico for an additional week.  So, I'm wondering, now with 3 weeks off, how many will take another week?

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RoeH said...

And your answer is yes. They will take another week. At the last school I worked at, we had the Salt River Indian Reservation in the boundaries. They live a completely different life than we do. Time means nothing. It was very interesting.