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Saturday, January 14, 2012

My lesson today

I'm sitting here this afternoon blogging and watching "Seabiscuit".  What a great movie.  Between the movie Seabiscuit and Secretariat, I like the movie Seabiscuit better.  I think it had more human interaction and Seabiscuit's story, well, it's just compelling.  My grandfather used to sit me on his lap and tell me stories of Seabsicuit and how he used to take my mom and my aunt to Santa Anita to watch "The Biscuit" run.  I knew he was a come-from-behind horse from those stories.  Grandad LOVED "The Biscuit".  Me?  I watched Secretariat's Belmont from my grandparents' living room back in 1973.  It was the second year of my marriage and my husband was there to see his win. And, in 2005, I saw a young colt, a beautiful chestnut, that I fell in love with making the rounds of Hollywood Park and Del Mar, and Santa Anita, and I went to see him watch every race in Southern California.  His name is Stevie Wonderboy and he's a double sided great-great grandson of Secretariat. When he ran in the Breeder's Cup Juvenile, I bet everything I had on him, across the board, and the money that I won from his win started me on my horse journey.  I'm now taking horsemanship lessons and today my trainer asked me to show her what I've been practicing.  Then she hopped on Riley, her lesson horse, bareback, and showed me what she can do with him just using her legs.  Amazing!  Someday I'll be on Riley, but not yet!  That's Ripley and my trainer, Annette.


Margaret said...

I LOVE "Look, Leg, Lead". When I was growing up, it was kick and go. Now I am learning all the "neat" stuff and I'm glad my young QH knows it all already. Often, all I have to do is look the way I want to go and feels my body turn. Sometimes a little leg. If he is being stubborn (because we are heading for the gate :) then I might have to loosely use the rein.

Liked Secretariat and have never seen Seabiscuit. I will have to Netflix that next weekend. Thanks for reminding me about that movie.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Both are great movies. So share with us what you have learned from your horsemanship classes.