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Saturday, October 30, 2010

More weird happenings~Spooky Stories cont'd

Our daughter went to UCLA. She was there for 5 years and knew her way around Westwood and the surrounding towns. I did not and still get lost over there! So, one weekend, she and I were zipping around town. We were driving through a nice residential area and I screamed, "STOP!" She looked at me strangely, but stopped driving her car. I said, "Go back to that house we just passed." She asked me why. I said, "Because something BAD happened there!"....she turned the car around. I asked her what street we were on, as I had no idea. She was zipping around and turning so quickly I had NO CLUE where we were or what street we were on. All I knew what that we had passed a house and I felt something so DARK, so EVIL, so BAD that all the hairs on my arms stood up (again). We got to the corner and read the street sign. It was Bundy Drive. Our daughter was as surprised as I was. She looked at me like I was crazy. By then, I was shaking and I could hardly talk. I could only mumble , "Bad house." Bundy Drive is where Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were murdered. It was THE house where they died. Now, I had NO idea where we were, at the time. I had read about the case, yes, and heard about it on the news, but I didn't really pay that much attention to it...and, this was a couple of years after their murders. WHY would I feel this driving by the house? It had been cleaned up and repainted by then. Why, why, why??? Eerie, eh?


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Ahhh, so you are sensitive to energy. That should actually make you good with your horses. The house isn't bad, but a traumatic event occurred there and the imprint of the energy remains. I occasionally pick up on stuff like that. I don't like to shake people's hands because if they are confused or have bad intentions or depressed or angry, I absorb those feelings. A buzz remains on my hand for hours and sometimes days afterward and I can't wash it off. We saw the movie Hereafter last weekend and it was low-key and therefore quite believable. They incorporated the whole hand shaking experience in it.

Gail said...

You are a doubt about it.

I pick up things sometimes too.

Sage Gray said...

I too have picked up on lots of weird things. In my mom's house in Silver City, NM we had a ghost who would walk past the kitchen window, just as a visitor would do who was walking to the kitchen door. The spirit was so real we would frequently go to the door expecting someone to be there and no one was. When we told this to others they wouldn't beleive it until they sat in the kitchen visiting and saw the ghost go to the door and then were surprised when there wasn't anyone there. It happened lots and lots of time to anyone that stayed in that house very much. Even my dad had to admit there was something weird.