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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Please help save America's mustangs!!!

See the video on the bottom of my blog! Time is running out for our mustangs! I have two mustangs myself and I shudder to think of the 30,000 who will be subject to slaughter if we don't act NOW!!!! Scout and Cali are my two mustangs and they are WONDERFUL, LOVING horses! These are not my photos and I apologize to anyone if I didn't seek permission to use them, but WE MUST ACT NOW!!!! Look at the little foal having to run! And, it is only a few days old! I once asked our former trainer, Angi Keitel, how our two mustangs were captured. She answered, "Oh, they just followed their mothers." NO CHOICE. Angi knows what these mustangs go through. Please help them if you can. I thank you. The lead mustang in the top photo looks very much like Scout. I certainly wouldn't want Scout or Cali to be among the 30,000 mustangs headed for slaughter.

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Grey Horse Matters said...

The BLM is not on my list of favorite government agencies. If we all band together we might be able to get something achieved for the horses.I hope more people take up their cause.