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Thursday, January 30, 2014

The END of another week

Well, Friday is nearly here (again)...another week gone by!

How were the kiddos this week?  Well, yesterday they had to put their heads down for 10 minutes before lunch.  They were so loud and noisy!  I can tolerate quite a bit of noise, but I have one girl who is VERY loud and obnoxious.  She'll NEVER be Student of the Week, believe me!  She gets the whole class a rockin' and a rollin', so off she went, to the classroom next door, while I attempted to regain control of the class.  But, after lunch, when we visited the library (...dread...) we got 3 tickets for being quiet (GO FIGURE).  Our librarian likes to be able to hear her radio when classes are in the library, which means DEAD SILENCE!  I even remarked to her, "I can't even hear your radio, it's so quiet!", but she only glared at me...oh, well.

We have a storm moving into our valley tonight.  On my way home, on the freeway, dust was blowing across the lanes and traffic was down to a crawl.  NOBODY could see...

Tomorrow should be an interesting day!

Yes, our bougenvillas are blooming!  They started blooming last month!

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Nuzzling Muzzles said...

My daughter has a full first grade class in which the majority of students are special ed and behavior problems. Her stories are outrageous. She says she has three aides and resource teachers coming in all the time and the class is still out of control. The principal comes in, rolls her eyes and turns around and walks out. At least she's understanding that everyone is doing the best they can under the circumstances.